Miami Law Mindfulness in Law Program

Mindful Spaces are made available to law students at various times throughout the week, offering a diversity of opportunities to learn and practice mindfulness. Many of the Mindful Spaces teach informal mindfulness practices that provide an opportunity to practice mindfulness during the busy day.
Mindfulness instruction is offered and you are welcome to join in throughout the year.

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Daily Constitutional," Morning Walk Around the Lake: (TBA for Spring 2014)

"Just Is" Story 30-Minute Mindfulness Sitting: 8:00-8:30
"Just Is" Holmes 10-Minute Mindfulness Sitting: 4:45-4:55

"Short Stretch" Lightly Guided Stretching: 1:00-1:10
"Green Tea on the Bricks" Free Hot and Cold Organic Green Tea: 1:40-2:30
"Going with the Grain" Delicious and Healthy Grain Dishes with Easy to Follow Recipe Cards: 2:00

"Preliminary Hearing" Listening to Soothing Sounds Mindfulness Practice: Thursday 3:45-4:00