Miami Law Mindfulness in Law Program

"Ask Not What Your Brain Can Do For You
Ask What You Can Do For Your Brain"

The above quoted passage, a play on John F. Kennedy’s inspired speech, is based on modern science’s findings of neuroplasticity -- that the brain continually changes in response to experience -- and how we can bring a more deliberate and mindful approach to exercise, sleep, meditation, and food to harness this power and bring about desired changes.

While mindfulness programs in general offer tools for finding greater balance in life, these seminars are less rooted in a mindfulness discussion and instead focus on the science underlying the importance of these specific subjects to help inspire a desire to attend to these areas of life and offer practical tips for making meaningful change, whether it is a small and important step or a significant stride.

Importantly, the subject matter explored in these seminars are regarded as integral to effective study and optimal academic performance. Rather than regard sleep or exercise, for example, as something that is helpful, we regard them as a core components to efficacy.
The Mindfulness in Law Program established its Saturday Seminar Series in 2009 to share with students four pillars of optimal performance and well-being in law school and the practice of law. A wide range of disciplines have found, and ongoing research and study are continually reinforcing the importance of (1) Exercise, (2) Sleep, (3) Meditation, and (4) Nutrition to a balanced, productive, and happy life. These are the four subjects explored in these 75 minute seminars, which now take place during weekday evenings.