Miami Law Mindfulness in Law Program

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Students enjoying Jurisight with Professor Rogers
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Students enjoying Mindful Walking
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Students in 2009 enjoying a light moment in Jurisight

Students Comment on their Jurisight Experience

“I find it easier to enjoy my life while also working hard at school.”

“The class has helped me focus when I begin to wander or get nervous about something.”

“Scott is extremely understanding and insightful. Jurisight was a much needed opportunity to escape the stress of law school and learn how to keep things in perspective and relax.”

“Several of the techniques learned in class have done a great job of providing relief in stressful moments.”

“The class helps equip students relieve anxiety and the sense of overwhelming attributable to 1L year. The lessons are also very valuable in life, in general. I strongly recommend the administration to continue offering the program to students.”

“Jurisight is an excellent class. The practices that Scott teaches will help you focus your efforts, manage your time better, and live a more balanced life.”

“The class has helped me find ways to tell myself things will be okay and figure out when its best to let go of something for a while and when its best to pursue it at that exact moment. I sleep better and things still get done.”

“I'd tell students that they can probably make it through law school without the Jurisight class. But, if they want to actually enjoy their first year and make it through with less stress and be both mentally and physically healthier than the Jurisight class is for right for them. Not only can you use the mindful techniques that you learn in the Jurisight class in law school, you will be able to use them for the rest of your life. It's a little bit of a time commitment, but the benefits that you get out of the class are definitely worth the two hours a week.”

“The Jurisight program ties many mindfulness practices with the concept of good judgment. When the two are combined, it makes for a class that focuses on alternative approaches to everyday challenges in the life of a law student. I strongly recommend any law student take the class.”

“It is a very interesting class. You learn a lot from breathing exercises to recognizing situations that arise and how you react to them."
“As a 1L, it was helpful in calming down and getting through my work.”

“I think this is a great program, and the perfect time to offer it is to 1LS, who are stressed and freaked out of their minds. I almost feel like I’m cheating when I talk to my friends who haven’t taken this class.”

“This is by far one of the best school sponsored activities I have found in the law school.”

“It has reinforced the behavior of stopping to take a breath to refocus and realize that things are doable and nothing is as bad as it may seem.”

“I've been able to deal with stress a lot better. Although sometimes I don't do the techniques Scott taught me, at least I am aware of it, and can do something like 4-7-8 hands, or even take a break from studying, or working out.”

“This is an excellent introduction to the practical applications of cognitive sciences. Also, if you go into the class with an open mind and a willingness to participate, you will notice a significant positive impact in your day to day life.”

“When I was called on in other classes, I did not stress because I realized it was just an event that my answering the question right or wrong should not send me into a negative circle.”

“I just take school for what it is worth, and don't get caught up in the little things that won't make a difference in the end.”

“This class is good for those who feel like they may be stressing out too much, and want a fun, relaxing course.”

“I feel like I benefited tremendously from my [time] in Jurisight. I would love to see the course extended to both semesters.”

“Every time that I begin in stress out and think that I don't have enough time to get something done I stop and take a few breaths and remind myself that there is plenty of time to do everything done. Also, when little things begin to bother me I remember to step back and look at the big picture. Doing this helps me to lower my stress level, concentrate better, and improve my work product.”