Miami Law Mindfulness in Law Program

The heart of the Mindfulness in Law Program is our students, whose participation in the mindfulness classes, workshops and events enrich it in many ways-- from new program ideas, to supporting mindfulness initiatives, to spreading word of the role of mindfulness in legal education.

Perhaps most profoundly, by taking the time to learn about mindfulness practices, and to explore the role mindfulness can play in their professional and personal lives, Miami Law students are laying the foundation for a legal profession that is as wise as it is smart and as compassionate as it is zealous.

In 2012, students in the class "Mindfulness in Law" convened the first Mindful Law Student Conference. You can watch the various conference panels by clicking on the links to the right.
Mindful Law Student 2012 Conference
Mindful Law Student 2013 Conference
Mindful Law Student 2014 Conference
Mindful Law Student Spring 2015 Conference

The Mindfulness in Law Program Student Fellows are law students who demonstrate an extraordinary commitment to the integration of mindfulness across the law school community.

Current Mindfulness Student Fellows Include:

Jonathan Erbstein, 3L
Claire Wheeler, 3L