Miami Law Mindfulness in Law Program


Insight Timer - a simple and elegant meditation app for iOS and Android offering a variety of pleasant bell tones and a useful journaling function. (Join the Mindfulness in Law Group)

Head Space - flexible collection of app services to facilitate familiarity with and practice of meditation.

TimeOut - a desktop application that "pauses" your computer at regular intervals and invites you to take a meditation break. Free app.

Stillness Buddy - a desktop mindfulness app that invites you, at regular intervals, to breathe and reflect on the wisdom of great spiritual teachers. Available for a 14-day trial.

My Little Pomodoro - a time management tool that helps you break work into small increments, with breaks in between, for greater productivity, focus and relaxation.

Freedom - a software program that locks you out of the internet for designated periods of time, so that you can focus on your work. Really helpful! Read about it in the NY Times.