Miami Law Mindfulness in Law Program

The growing national interest in mindfulness and its role in education has been fueled in recent years with the important and compelling research exploring the connection between mindfulness practices and changes to the structure and function of the brain.

In collaboration with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Miami Law is contributing to this important work, helping to further our knowledge in this area of profound importance to legal education, the legal profession, and society. Future research is slated to include collaborative efforts among law schools.

You can learn more about the collaboration among the Law School, Department of Psychology, Miller School of Medical, Frost School of Music, Mailman Center, Counseling Center, and the Wellness Center by visiting the Mindfulness Research and Practice Initiative, co-founded in 2010 by Program Director, Scott Rogers, and UM Psychology professor and cognitive neuroscientist, Amishi Jha. Click here.

2014 Lecture Series
March 5, 2014: Dr. Dan Gottlieb

2013-2014 Research Projects and Collaborations

Adrienne Arsht Grant: "Exploring the Impact of Mindfulness Training on Mindfulness and Ethical Decision Making" with the School of Nursing and Health Studies (Mary MacKay and Jill Senko)

Department of Defense: Ongoing Grant "Efficacy of Short Form Mindfulness Trainings" with Amishi Jha

2011-2013 Research Projects and Collaborations

Department of Defense: Efficacy of Short Form Mindfulness Trainings with Amishi Jha

Adrienne Arsht Grant: "Role Differentiation and the 1L Experience" with Rob Rosen

2010-2011 Research Projects and Collaborations

Provost Award: Mindful Eating with Amishi Jha
Scott Rogers and Amishi Jha discuss the science of mindfulness and share a guided practice.
HuffPost Live interviews Amishi Jha and Scott Rogers on the power of mindfulness prior to Professor Jha's appearance at the New York Academy of Science.